In-N-Out Burger has added the state of New Mexico to its list of conquests.

The Irvine-based fast food chain announced in social media Tuesday morning that it is planning a restaurant in Albuquerque and will be “fully in the Four Corners” by 2027. A Facebook meme features a signature of owner and president Lynsi Snyder.

In-N-Out currently has restaurants in seven states, and opening in Albuquerque would boost the number to 10. Idaho is waiting for its first In-N-Out to open in Meridian, a few miles west of Boise, and the chain plans to open a hub in Tennessee and begin building restaurants in 2026.

Its current states are California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Texas, Oregon and Colorado.

In-N-Out was founded in Baldwin Park in 1948 and celebrated its 75th anniversary two weekends ago with a 12-hour festival in Pomona.