Irvine voters were showing early support for moving to a by-district elections system, as initial election results were released Tuesday night shortly after polls closed.

The City Council back in October picked the map that would draw district boundaries if the city changes to a voting system where people elect a representative to the council from their geographic area, versus how they currently vote for whichever council seats have open terms.

Voters in this primary have been asked whether or not to adopt the map, which is broken down into six districts, and whether Irvine should move to by-district elections. The debate is over which system is better for giving all voters an effective voice in who represents them in local government.

<strong><em><a href=”/election-results/”>See the latest election results after 8 p.m.</a></em></strong>

If approved, the size of the City Council would increase from five to seven members with only the mayor continuing to be elected in the current at-large process. The new system would go into effect this November.

The change would not affect current council terms because Irvine councilmembers are elected to four-year terms and were not all elected at the same time.

The Registrar of Voters said results will continue to be tallied throughout Tuesday night, and will be updated daily, except weekends, until the counting is complete.

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